A little more about me


I believe in Purpose, People, Process, and Pixels (in that order).


Whether it's for myself, my team, or my organization, having a well defined and articulated purpose is the best motivator for overall happiness and doing great work.


Co-workers, customers, and everyone else...it’s all about people. Treat them with respect, listen to them, and if you can, help them. Basically I'm a "people person".


As a product designer with a degree in software engineering, I obsess over process & systems. Not just improving them, but also finding just the right amount that's required.


What we show people and how we show it to them matters. A well designed product should feel good AND look good…but never at the cost of accessibility or usability.


We all wear a lot of hats. Here are some of mine:

5x Entrepreneur

TradeBug, TweetAgora, Endloop Mobile, Flixel Photos, and ezilly Design.

Iron Ring Wearer

I hold a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Ottawa, with a minor in Engineering Management & Entrepreneurship.


Sailed with my family from Ontario to the Bahamas and back over the course of a year on a homemade trimaran.

Cannes Gold Lion Winner

For the McDonalds Canada "Our Food, Your Questions" campaign. It was Canada's only gold that year!

Apple Design Award Winner

I was the design co-founder for Flixel Cinemagraph Pro, winner of an Apple Design Award in 2014. They only award up to 12 of these per year, so it's kind of a big deal.

Design Leader

23 years of experience in a variety of fields: education, social, safety, commerce, photography, health, telecommunications, caregiving, fintech, and more.

Powerpoint Karaoke Champion

In Powerpoint Karaoke, you present a random deck you've never seen to an audience. Those 7 years of improv finally paid off.

Sens Fan Living in Toronto

It's not easy cheering for the Ottawa Senators, but it beats cheering for the Leafs...

Dog Dad

To Billie, the best Golden ever.


To Karen, the best human ever.


(Basket and Bocce)


(Board, Card, and Video)

Arguably "too competitive".

Remote Worker

10+ years of remote experience.

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